Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pro NN PT Model Links - What's Your fave?

Hello my name is Avery Sax
I like cutesy art
Tell me what you think of  PT Modeling Art

The Links:

Forums & Boards & Blogs - Oh My!

Official Sites:

My Stuff
My Youtube Channel - see my subscriptions
PT Select Slides {Video Slideshows}
144slides  AVI  960x720   85megs  10mins  Bitrate:1500
My Pastebin
PT Dainties - Google

Surf Anonymous

Self Actualization

photography, pictures, videos, artistic, performance, entertaining, dancing, models,
beauty, cute, delightful, household, nonnude, preteens, child, children, kids


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  2. is my favorite, do you have any material?